What We Do...

Comprehensive Continuum Services stresses the underlying philosophy that all persons, regardless of the type or degree of their disabilities, are capable of growth. Our services focus on maximizing our students potential for learning and development and for assisting them in attaining satisfaction in a life that approximates, as closely as possible, that enjoyed by other persons in the community. Consistent with this philosophy, the student is seen as an individual and helped as a person, while not overlooking the need for support provided by carefully developed and applied training programs. While the Agency does not focus on treatment of an individual's handicapping condition, it does consider an individual's developmental functioning level in formulating a service plan.

Careers & Volunteering


Comprehensive Continuum of Services is currently looking for energetic individuals who want to have fun while providing valuable services to their community.

Calendar of Events


Here are the latest events and activities for Community Continuum College and Community Outreach. Check here for upcoming events and holiday closures.

Community Partners


Check out our list of community partners! These partners and agencies are very valuable and provide great resources for students and their families.

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